Kosta Milovanovic

Kosta Milovanovic (Milovanović) was born in 1971, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, where he finished an undergraduate and master course in the school for art and applied art. He is a member of the Society of Artists for Art and Applied Art in Serbia. He published his comics and illustrations in many domestic magazines and books, produce some impressive murals, prepared several individual exhibitions and though art at different schools.


"Kosta Milovanovic is a natural grotesque artist, because the watercolor spreads in the same way along the surface of the page and the surface of the drawn figures or objects in order to create the accent in a completely unexpected place. This efficiency pleases the observer's eye, creates unexpected and discrete dynamics, which always corresponds to the flexibility of the story. Between realistic precision and humorous depiction, Costa puts one layer of skill in the presentation of emotion that is seen only by the great masters of narration, while the invisible layer of patina in his work, rather than the sense of nostalgic renewal of traditional oil painting, contributes more to a tone of contemporary value." (Zoran Penevski, script writer and comics essayist)


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