111 Recipes for an Extremely Happy Life

This book contains Mileta’s 111 recipes for an extremely happy life which are funny and bizarre, but at the same time very thoughtful, unveiling contradictions and frustrations of the contemporary life. We are living on the border between media pressure about the things ‘which are important for us’, political democracy which calls democratic only things which are within the interest of particular individual, group, political party or country, and our sanity what it really matters to us. This frenzy situation is picked up in this book, providing advises how to cope with it, which is by humour and nonacceptance to be involved in manipulations. The book is drawn in an appealing realistic and illustrative style (think about Ripley’s Believe It or Not) which makes it easy to follow, but not easy to swallow as it opens many serious thoughts about the life we are in. (Zivojin Tamburic, comics editor and critic)


I bow to Mileta's drawing virtuosity and feed on his siliness! Empty your mind and do yourself a favour: follow these recipes and ask for more. You need ths book. (Zoran Janjetov, comics author)


These recipes are hilarious! (Richard Corben, comics author)


First 25 pages:
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111 Recipes for an Extremely Happy Life
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By Mileta Postic (Poštić) - ebook in ENGLISH (PDF format), 112 b/w and colour pages.


The book can be also bought on AmazonDriveThruComics and comiXology in different electronic fomats and at a higher price.


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    Hello, I've just bought this. Do I get and email with the pdf?

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