Milovanovic - That You Ever Dreamed Off

In this short comics Kosta Milovanovic demonstrates all his qualities. First of all, that is an original style of drawing which is more towards a grotesque than the realistic stylization, and then a watercolor style of painting of each panel in black and white. This approach makes him immediately above the ordinary professional level of comics artists, and then it comes the story. A strange kind of story. About the hunchback who posts the flag on the pensioner’s climbing club (?), professional relationship between the hunchback and the illustrator, the clever and intriguing hunchback who kills the horses and dreams about Tesla, the scientist from the past (?), the friendship between the illustrator and a Gipsy, and finally about the painting which depicts the dream (?). 

I wonder what this story is actually about. I think it is about the complexity of life itself. People are not what we expect, their dreams nobody can control, and strange kind of friendship is awaiting for us just around the corner.  Milovanovic recognizes of all of that and his highly sensitive proceeding is just compatible with his artistry. (Zika Tamburic, comics editor and critic)
Milovanovic - That You Ever Dreamed Off
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