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Straka's comics can be chaotic, but at the same time genuine, thoughtful and provocative. These opposing characteristics allow readers to interpret his comics with more reader’s freedom and to take from them what they wish. It seems that Franjo is rarely interested in fixed story-lines and clear narrative which could be widely understood, but rather remains introverted in his own interpretation of the world and human conditions that he is interested in.

Three short stories, 15 pages:
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Daniel Kuzman is a scriptwriter of Legalization Nightmare, one of three stories in this compilation. He was born in Zemun in 1970, Yugoslavia, and he lives with his family in Batajnica near Belgrade, Sebia. He works in RadioTelevisionSerbia (RTS) as an illustrator for electronic graphics. He is engaged in ‘survival, literature, music, comics, painting and gardening’.

The scriptwriter of Weapons Always Win is Dusan – Duda Vukojev. He was born in 1955, Yugoslavia, and he lives and works in Novi Sad, Serbia. From 1974, he has written many scripts for other artists, but he has also created, as a complete author, hundreds of comics in different series, mainly in the form of funny comic strips or comic pages. He published his works in the most important magazines of ex-Yugoslavia and Serbia. 

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