The Silent Flight of a Seagull


This graphic novel by Kostja Ribnik, made in the style and tradition of "personal comics", is intriguing, sweet and sour, oppressive and gentle. It is a narrative about a young, extremely sensitive individual. This person is searching for knowledge of one's own personality and key to a reconciliation between the need for belonging to a group, instinct for emotional connection, and a desire to understand outer realms and horizons and his own inner universe. The final response solution for all these relationships, of course, doesn’t exist, but that does not mean that they do not need to be repeatedly sought after. David seeks by drawing and watching...


Ilija Bakić, writer and comics critic

First 19 pages:
170311_Ribnik_THE SILENT FLIGHT OF A SEA[...]
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The Silent Flight of a Seagull
2.50 GBP

By Kostja Ribnik - ebook (PDF format) in ENGLISH, 80 b/w pages, introduction by Ilija Bakic.



The book can be also bought in an electronic format on Amazon, DriveThruComics and comiXology in different electronic fomats and at a higher price.

The book can be bought as a paper book on Amazon.


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