Poposhak and Flowers - Cosmic Orphanage

This is the sequal to a methaphysical fairy tale of two trevellers, Poposhak ad Flowers, for children and adults, by Nikolic and Wostok.


"It is difficult to say whether Daddy’s never-ending beard is a metaphor for a quest of one young girl to understand the world around her, but also to find protection, or an excuse for the authors to execute this series for as long as they want, but one thing is for certain – reading of these pages is going to be, for comics fans, an unforgettable adventure." (Andrija Mihajlovic, comics critic, from the introduction of the e-book in English)


First 27 pages:
Nikolic_Cosmic Orphanage_ebook_first 27.[...]
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Poposhak and Flowers - Cosmic Orphanage
3.15 GBP

By Vladan Nikolic an Wostok - ebook (PDF format) in ENGLISH, 106 colour pages, introduction by Andrija Mihajlovic.


The book can be also bought on Amazon, DriveThruComics and comiXology in different electronic fomats and at a higher price.


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