Igor the Cat

Contemporary sensibility in the anthropomorphic world by Vladan Nikolic, slightly adjusted for children, but also enjoyable for adults.


"Igor the Cat knows how to be satisfied and happy just like he knows how to grieve. From all that is happening, he is not very inclined to come to great conclusions and truth, just as he doesn’t learn from his mistakes, but – that is a cat’s life, both large and small, funny and sad, trivial and important." (Ilija Bakic, writer and comics critic, from the introduction of the e-book in English)


"The inevitable clumsiness, naiveté and rowdiness of the characters leads to humorous scenarios, which is for young readers immediately clear and funny. The children know of such situations from experience, but in the comic book form, they are, for them, exhilarating, funny, nontraumatic, educational and energy boosting." (Zoran Stefanovic, writer and comics critic, from the introduction of the e-book in English)


First 30 pages:
Adobe Acrobat document [5.9 MB]
Igor the Cat
3.15 GBP

By Vladan Nikolic - ebook (PDF format) in ENGLISH - 126 colour pages, introductions by Ilija Bakic and Zoran Stefanovic.


The book can be also bought on Amazon, DriveThruComics and comiXology in different electronic fomats and at a higher price.


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