Paradise Misplaced

You will need to employ a bit of effort to delve into the detailed picture stories by Lunacek, but you will be delighted with the richness of narrative and humour. Lunacek perceives God as a big headed, manipulative boss, and that is just the beginning of his characterisation of Christian religious icons.


.. the reader should nevertheless presume that any part of our tale resembling actual people, gods or events, carried out at, after or before the beggining of the world can never be anything more than pure cosmic coincidence. (Izar Lunacek, the author, from the introduction of the book in English)

First 20 pages:
Lunacek_Paradise Misplaced_Int_first20.p[...]
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Paradise Misplaced
2.80 GBP

By Izar Lunacek - ebook (PDF format) in ENGLISH, 100 pages, b/w, A4 landscape (297x210mm), introduction by Lunacek, some other things by Lunacek (trivia bits, commercial breaks, supplements).


The book can be also bought in an electronic format on AmazonDriveThruComics and comiXology in different electronic fomats and at a higher price.

The book can be bought as a paper book on Amazon.


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