Iztok Sitar

Iztok Sitar was born in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, in 1962. He finished design school in Ljubljana. In 1984 he published his first comics, Who Killed the Comic Artists?, and after this he published 14 comics albums in Slovenia. They are different genres – from children’s comics to erotic comics and to his most favourite – politically themed comics, where he criticizes Slovenian (above all) right wing politics and the Catholic church. Besides drawings, Sitar works on the history of comics and published in 2007 The History of Slovenian Comics 1927 – 2007, where he presented 80 of the most important comic artists from Slovenia.   


Comic strips in ENGLISH

Sitar - comic strips - Peggy Red


Ebook in ENGLISH

The Diary of Anna Tank



Ebook and paper book in Serbian

Dnevnik Ane Tank


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The Diary of Anna Tank

Peggy Red

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